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We work with a vast network of dedicated and compassionate doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other types of providers and facilities that take care of our members. We presently have over 275 Primary care providers and more than 1250 specialists that provide care to our members. They give generously of their time and expertise. We also have a very dedicated board of directors that come from within our community. They donate their time to oversee and ensure the best outcome for our members, and oversee our budget.

We provide health coverage for 1 in 4 people in Santa Barbara County, and 1 in 5 in San Luis Obispo County. We hope you will see our commitment to our community here. CenCal Health is a great place to work, and there is information about joining our team within this section. We have been in operation since 1983, and are recognized nationally as the oldest Medicaid managed care program of its kind in the country.

We are Non-Profit Community-Based Health Care Organization

We contract with the State to administer Medi-Cal benefits through local care providers in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. CenCal Health is a public entity that is governed by our Board of Directors.

A County Organized Health System (COHS) is a model of California’s Medi-Cal Managed Care Program, where a single entity administers the Medi-Cal Program in a service area. All Medi-Cal beneficiaries in the service area are automatically inscribed into the COHS program. Each COHS is created by a county board of supervisors and governed by an independent commission.

What is a Local Health Plan?

CenCal Health has created access to high quality health care for its members through contracts with local providers (physicians, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.); and it coordinates care for its members through a primary care provider case management system, aided by numerous plan programs and activities. This case management system has resulted in high quality care with significant monetary savings by working with health care providers to deliver health care in a coordinated and efficient way.

Our program is now acknowledged to be the oldest Medicaid managed care program of its kind in the country.

Report to the Community

Our Report to the Community is a personalized version of an Annual Report, filled with more than just our most recent financial information.

Within this report, and the inserts that accompany it, you will find:

  • Reports from our C.E.O.
  • See our service area and examples of the providers that contract with us.
  • Read stories about real members, and get a better idea of how we operate.
  • Meet our internal leadership team and our dedicated Board of Directors.

To read more, please view our Community Report

Our Board of Directors is comprised of 13 members who are appointed by the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo county boards of supervisors. Our Board is composed of local government representatives, physicians, hospital representatives, member representatives, other health care provider representatives, and business representatives. Meet our Board Members.

CenCal Health has a highly experienced leadership team with many years of experience in healthcare and leadership. Our Leadership Team is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo communities. Meet our Leadership Team.

Our Board of Directors has participating physicians, pharmacy, hospital, Board of Supervisors, members and Public Health Officials.

Our Quality Improvement Structure also provides for participating physicians within the Quality Improvement, Credentialing and Peer Review Committees. The Provider and Community Advisory Boards also have participation by providers and members that also Liaison with the Board of Directors. Visit our Advisory Committees.