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We provide health coverage for over 179,000 members in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County, making us the largest insurer in the area, partnering with many other local community and non-profit agencies to better serve our membership, and coordinate care. We have been in the community for over 30 years and we are proud to be innovative in our approach and create local solutions to national healthcare problems.


  • Continuously in pursuit of excellence
  • Respect, extraordinary communication
  • Responsible stewardship of our resources

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Testimonials - Community-Based Organizations

Here are members of our community and their testimonials which summarize their experiences, in their own words. We would love to add your testimonial to our growing list. We are always striving to serve our community. We rate our success on your happiness. If you have a story you might like to share with us, please email us.

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gracesmall"I am pleased to announce our Recuperative Care Program which started with CenCal Health's support in August, 2016. This program helps the less fortunate in our community who need a place to recuperate during the day." -Grace, Deputy Director, Community Action Partnership, San Luis Obispo County  Watch video on the Recuperative Care Program

prado day center“We utilize CenCal Health for all of our clients, helping them with medical, and behavioral health providers, and to make sure all our clients get the help they need. I really appreciate all the assistance I receive from CenCal Health!” -Mary Lou, Case Manager, Prado Day Center, San Luis Obispo

mariposas deeanne"Most of our children, probably 85 to 90%, have CenCal Health, and we are very grateful that they are able to receive the services that they are normally not able to receive during the Summer or even during the school year. We are also grateful every year that we are able to have CenCal Health help us, because otherwise, this camp would not be happening." -Dee Anne Barker, Speech & Language Pathologist M.A., & Director Camp Mariposas, Santa Barbara  Watch Video

wheez"CenCal Health has been helpful to us for years in reaching out to kids and families that have asthma that are on their plan. We get lots of kids at our camp that way, and we appreciate that." -Margaret Weiss, Health Education Director, Sansum Clinic, & Camp Wheez  Watch Video

salud carbajal cencal health“I am so proud to have CenCal Health in my district. They do an extraordinary job of making sure everyone has access to health care. Having served on their board and now in congress, I now know, for sure, what an extraordinary organization and how lucky we are to have CenCal Health in our community.” -U.S. Congressman Salud Carbajal