Report to the Community

comm report1Our Report to the Community is our personalized version of an Annual Report, filled with more than just our most recent financial information.

Within this report, and the inserts that accompany it, you’ll hear from our C.E.O., see our service area and examples of the providers that contract with us, read stories about real members, and get a better idea of how we operate. You’ll meet our internal leadership team and our dedicated Board of Directors.

As a champion of quality health care, CenCal Health is committed to the well-being of every one of our members, and protects our most vulnerable populations. We work to make sure our low-income members have access to high quality doctors and facilities in the communities where they live and work.

By addressing our member’s health issues and concerns early, we help those people have a higher quality of life and pass along the financial savings to our health care providers and community members.

You can read more by viewing our Community Report.