After Hours Care

finddrcencalhealthAfter Hours Care – Nights & Weekends

Some Primary Care Physicians offices and clinics are open evening and weekends. If you need care after regular office hours, call your primary care doctor to ask if they have evening and weekend care hours. Your primary care doctor’s telephone number is on the front of your CenCal Health Identification Card. CenCal Health has a list of doctors that provide this service after 5pm and on weekends without a referral. Interpreter Services through the Certified Language International telephonic services are available at no cost.

Learn More About These Services:

nurse lineUrgent Care Services

Urgent Care Services are covered any time you are outside of the service area (Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo Counties) or on nights and weekends when you are inside of the service area that help to prevent more serious health problems that treatment should not wait for a regular doctor’s visit such as:

  • Unexpected illness
  • Injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Prolonged pain (lasts for some time)
  • Complication of an existing medical condition
  • Broken bone

Emergency Care Services 

Emergency Care services are covered any time you are inside or outside of the service area (Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo Counties) and you believe you or your child need medical care immediately. Go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Examples of emergency conditions are when:

  • Your are experiencing severe pain
  • You are pregnant and the health of your unborn child may be in serious danger
  • You may have serious damage to any body organ or part if you do not receive immediate medical care
  • Your health will be in serious danger if you don’t receive immediate medical care
  • You are experiencing major problems with bodily function
  • High fever for prolonged time