Preventive Health Guidelines for Adults and Children

Coronavirus Update: 4/28/20 

Your child still needs well-care, like check-ups and shots, during the COVID-19 outbreak. Click the links below for a list of well-care your child needs. If you have questions, call your doctor. 

Check out the list of immunizations (shots) your child needs by clicking the links below.

Información actualizada sobre el coronavirus: 4/28/20 

Su hijo aún podría necesitar cuidado rutinario, como chequeos y vacunas, durante el brote del COVID-19. Haga clic en los enlaces abajo para ver una lista del cuidado rutinario que su hijo necesita. Si tiene preguntas, llame a su médico. 

Vea la lista de inmunizaciones (vacunas) que su hijo/a necesita, haciendo clic en los enlaces de abajo.

It is important for children and adults to get preventive health checkups and immunizations (vaccines). 

Below you will find a schedule of visits, tests, and shots for both adults and children. Talk with your primary care doctor about when to vaccinate and also to schedule preventive health checkups for you and your family. 

Download the Child Preventive Health Guidelines:  


Download the Adult Preventive Health Guidelines: