State to Provide Healthcare Services to All Children Regardless of Immigration Status

May 11, 2016

Press Release
CenCal Health

CenCal Health will extend its health plan to all Medi-Cal eligible children under 19 years of age, regardless of immigration status, across Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. The change is a result of a new state policy going into effect this month.

Undocumented children will be eligible for full scope Medi-Cal coverage, which covers doctor visits and specialty care, preventative services, prescription drugs, dental visits, vaccines, emergency services, hospitalization and well child visits. 

Medi-Cal coverage is dependent on household income, which must be less than 266 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, $64,639 for a family of four.

Many undocumented children are already enrolled in restricted scope Medi-Cal and will be transitioned to full scope coverage without a new application.

The group of children transitioning from restricted scope to full scope Medi-Cal may include some children who are simultaneously enrolled in county-based Children's Health Initiatives (CHIs) also known as the Healthy Kids program in Santa Barbara.

While the Healthy Kids program is ending, current participants must apply for Medi-Cal to benefit from the CenCal Health’s health plan.

Premiums must be paid and all requested documents must be returned until notification of the program’s end. Any extra premiums will be refunded by CenCal Health when Medi-Cal coverage begins.

Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. To apply online, visit

Applicants will need to provide a birth certificate, proof of local address, proof of identity and income information. The information collected remains confidential and is not shared with the immigration department.

For those whose children are on Restricted Medi-Cal, a new application is not needed. Learn more by visiting the Department of Health Care Services website or contacting your local County Social Service office.

In Santa Barbara County call 1.866.404.4007 and in San Luis Obispo County call 805.781.1600. 

Coverage to all children was made possible with the help of community partners to provide the area’s children full scope Medi-Cal coverage in lower-income populations.

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