We Believe Providers are Partners

CenCal HEALTH's success is a direct reflection on the efforts of local health care providers. Every one of our partnerships is essential. Together, we share the goal of improving the health and well-being of the people on the Central Coast.

CenCal Health is focused on making it easier for local providers to serve our members and deliver the highest quality of care. We are publicly governed, non-profit and directly accountable to the communities we serve.

CenCal Health is proud to provide health care access to members of our community who would otherwise go without coverage by contracting with a strong network. In fact, 94% of local providers are contracted with us.

providermanual1CenCal Health's Provider Manual

The Provider Manual includes information such as Provider enrollment,  Responsibilities, Claims information, Member eligibility, Guidelines for medical authorizations. We are here for you.

The Provider Bulletin

Our Provider Bulletin is a valuable notice that is produced as an informative service for providers and office staff and is published every month by the Provider Services Department. It includes information on new programs, changes to member benefits, educational opportunities, claims related detail and more. Sign up here if you would like to receive the Provider Bulletin electronically.

Other Items of Interest 

CenCal Health holds a variety of orientations, on-site training and workshops. Watch for Latest News that impacts you.

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