Behavioral Health Treatment ABA Provider Resources

Behavioral Health Treatment (BHT) are behavioral interventions and include modalities services such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  

CenCal Health provides coverage of all medically necessary BHT services for eligible beneficiaries under 21 years of age for which a licensed physician, surgeon, or psychologist deems that BHT services are medically necessary.




For more details or to consult with the Behavioral Health Department, please call (805) 562-1600

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the BHT Social Skills Assessment Report required? 

A: Please submit the document when submitting a TAR (50-1 Form) for social skills group services only.  This can be managed via the Provider Portal Authorization module or via a paper authorization form.

Q: Are ABA providers required to use CenCal Health templates? 

A: Providers may use CenCal Health templates as they are approved template that meets the minimum required data set, please contact the Behavioral Health Department at (805) 562-1600 for more information.