Teach Back

Why use Teach Back?

  • Improve medication management
  • Promote patient safety
  • Reduce Hospital readmission
  • Improve disease management


Teach Back is: 

  • A way to make sure you--the health care provider--explained information clearly; it is not a test or quiz of patients
  • Asking  a patient (or family member) to explain--in their own words--what they need to know or do, in a caring way
  • A way to check for understanding and, if needed, re-explain and check again
  • A research-based health literacy intervention that promotes adherence, quality, and patient safety
Source: www.teachbacktraining.org

Download the "Always Use Teach Back!" Toolkit

10 Elements of Competence for Using Teach Back Effectively
Coaching Tips
Conviction and Confidence Scale
Observation Tool

For more information about Teach Back, including an online training module, click here.