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formularydownload1CenCal Health Pharmacy Services provides a comprehensive pharmacy benefit that includes formulary management, a robust pharmacy network, and quality customer service. Our pharmacy network spans both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties providing our members with convenient pharmacy locations.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

CenCal Health has contracted with MedImpact as its Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) to assist in the administration of our pharmacy benefit.


epocrates2MedImpact provides: 

  • Claims processing
  • Pharmacy network management
  • Prior authorizations
  • Customer service
  • Drug utilization management services

formsdownloadCenCal Health Pharmacy Team shall oversee MedImpact’s administrative and daily operational role. To contact MedImpact, call: (800) 788-2949.

Our Promise: Our Pharmacy Team is committed to providing consistent, compassionate, local support.

pharmacy news

Coming July 2017-New Printable and Web Searchable CenCal Health Formulary

Effective July1, 2017, the CenCal Health formulary will be available in an updated PDF version and an enhanced web searchable version. The content of the PDF version will remain the same with a new, improved look. The web searchable version will include additional features that allow a user to search for formulary brand/generic names and all carve-out drugs. There will be interactive icons with detailed information on Step Therapy Restrictions, Age Limits, Code 1 Restrictions, Quantity Limits, Specialty Drugs, and Prior Authorizations. 

Formulary Updates

Formulary Updates May-June 2017

CenCal Health has made several changes to our Formulary based on clinical review, provider interest, cost and utilization analysis. 

All of the changes represent development and growth of our current Formulary thus giving more choices to the prescribing physician. The changes are represented in summary on the chart below.

Class Formulary Status Restriction/Limits  Implementation Date 
Formulary Additions 
Brilinta®60mg Hematological Disorders
Synjardy XR®

Diabetes Formulary: Quantity Restriction Restriction: 60 tablets or less per month 5/1/2017
Synjardy XR®

Diabetes Formulary: Quantity Restriction Restriction: 30 tablets or less per month 5/1/2017
Testosterone Cypionate Hormonal Deficiency Formulary: Quantity Restriction Restriction: 4ml/28 days 6/1/2017
Ciclopirox 8% Topical Solution Dermatology-Anti-Infective Formulary: Quantity Restriction Restriction: 6.6ml (1 bottle) 30 days 6/1/2017
Imiquimod 5% Cream Immunosuppression/Modulation  Formulary: Quantity Restriction Restriction: 12 packets /30 days 6/1/2017
Linzess® 72mcg Lower Gastrointestinal Disorders/Bowel Inflammation Formulary: Code 1 Restriction: Code 1-
"Must be prescribed by a Gastroenterologist"
Restasis® Multi-Dose Eye-General Disorders Formulary
Lidocaine 4% Cream Dermatology-Miscellaneous Formulary: Quantity Restriction Restriction: 30gm/30 days 6/1/2017
 Formulary Changes
Androlgel® Hormonal Deficiency Non-Formulary Removed from Formulary 6/1/2017
Axiron® Hormonal Deficiency Non-Formulary Removed from Formulary 6/1/2017

specialty pharmacy

Specialty medications are processed uniquely, require special handling, and entail personalized medication management. CenCal Health has contracted exclusively with Diplomat and Accredo Specialty Pharmacy to provide specialty medications for our members. Learn more about specialty medications and review our Specialty Drug List.


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