Opioid Resource Page

The prevalence of opioid use disorder in the United States continues to rise and is a public health crisis.  CenCal Health believes it is increasingly important that providers have access to the appropriate resources. Here are some key resources to help providers carefully weigh the risks and benefits when making decisions about opioid treatment.

CDC Resource Materials

The CDC is committed to preventing opioid misuse, overdose, and deaths. Programs across the CDC are working to prevent opioid overdoses and other opioid related harms.

  • Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic pain
  • Calculating Total Daily Dose (MED) of Opioids for Safer Dosage
  • Factsheet CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

CenCal Health’s Opioid Cumulative Dosing Program

With the approval of CenCal Health’s Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee and in coordination with its Pharmacy Benefits Manager (MedImpact), CenCal Health has implemented the Opioid Cumulative Dosing Program to deter overutilization of opioids, and update utilization management measures.

CenCal Health has implemented the following MED (Morphine Equivalent Dose) edits to help minimize the overutilization of opioids:

  • MED (Morphine Equivalent Dose) > 120mgSoft-Edit at the pharmacy, override can be entered by the pharmacy
  • MED (Morphine Equivalent Dose) > 200mgHard-Stop at the Pharmacy, Prior Authorization would need to be submitted to justify the MED > 200mg

State of California Resources

  • California Department of Public Health
  • CDPH Opioid Guidance Letter
  • Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluations System (CURES)
  • Alert Mandatory Use of CURES 2.0 Begins October 2, 2018
  • CURES Mandatory Consultation – Frequently Asked Questions

Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County Resources

Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness and the County of San Luis Obispo Health Agency offer a variety of services and programs to help people with drug and alcohol problems.

County Drug and Alcohol Services Program

  • Santa Barbara County: 1-888-868-1649
  • San Luis Obispo County: 1-800-838-1381

If you have questions or need additional information or resources, please contact CenCal Health Pharmacy Department at (805) 562-1080.