Keep Your Provider Information and Practice Changes Up-to-Date

The information that CenCal Health has on file regarding a provider practice is important to make sure claims are paid efficiently, your mail reaches you, and your practice is listed accurately in our Provider Directory for members.

Practice Changes

By notifying CenCal Health with any practice changes, you are not only complying with your Provider Agreement, but you ensure that CenCal Health is in compliance with the Department of Health Care Services provider data regulations.

The following are changes that require attention:

  • Change "Mail-To" and "Pay-To" addresses
  • Adding additional rendering physicians
  • Add business owners,officers, and managers
  • Change in member age range/quantity of members you are willing to accept
  • Change to office hours
  • Change to languages capabilities provided at your office

NEW-CenCal Health Roster Template

Please submit changes related to your practice, and/or if you have more than one provider within your practice, via our new downloadable CenCal Health Roster.  As a Managed Care Plan, CenCal Health is required to submit a comprehensive roster, which includes all contracted providers, on a monthly basis to the State of California. By using this helpful tool, we are asking for you to partner with us to ensure accurate reporting to the State.

Provider Information Form

Please submit changes on this form if your practice, and/or provider have individual updates.  Rosters are highly recommended if you have more than one change within your practice.

W-9 Taxpayer Information Form

If you have changes to your Tax ID Number, DBA, or legal business name, please submit a new W-9 to CenCal Health.  Please submit this document to CenCal Health's Provider Services Department via fax at (805) 681-3019 or email 

Signing up for EFT or changing EFT information

Please visit our Provider Portal to create a new EFT account.  To make changes, please download the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Enrollment Form and email us the completed form to or contact our Finance Department at (805) 562-1081.

Moving or Retiring?

If you decide to leave CenCal Health, please submit a notification letter via email to CenCal Health.  Sixty (60) day advance notification is required for address changes, retirement, or resignation from CenCal Health.

All of these forms can be emailed to For questions, please contact your Provider Services Representative or contact the Provider Service's main line at (805) 562-1676.

What info do we have for you?

Do you need to know what information CenCal Health has on file for your practice? 

  1. View the Contracted Provider List
  2. Email Provider Services.

pscontact18New to CenCal Health?

Join us in our effort to provide quality healthcare to those in need. CenCal Health has a provider inclusive policy and we work with interested and eligible providers in the area.  We believe in making processes as easy as possible so that you can focus on providing quality healthcare.

Visit our Join our Network page for more details on how you can become a contracted provider with CenCal Health!