Interpreter Services

languageGood health care requires good communication. The fundamental role of the interpreter is to facilitate communication between providers and patients who do not speak the same language nor share the same culture. CenCal Health provides a number of resources to help providers and members communicate better.

Language Access Program Services

CenCal Health Provides:

  • Interpreter services at medical appointments for spoken languages as well as American Sign Language for Health Plan deaf/hearing impaired members. Telephonic Interpreter Services for spoken language are available on a 24 hour basis for medical encounters.
  • “Face to Face” Interpreter Service is available for American Sign Language 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday.
  • Telephonic interpretation is available for over 150 languages for the LEP member on a 24 hour basis through CenCal Health’s language line vendor. 

Federal and State Guidelines

State Language Assistance Regulations (SB853) require that health plans such as CenCal Health provide Limited English Proficient (LEP) members whose primary language is not English access to interpreter services at medical points of service.

  • Interpreter services are available on a 24-hour basis for medical encounters.
  • Members are NOT required to bring an interpreter. They may ask a friend or family member to interpret for them, which must be noted in the medical chart.
  • Primary Care Providers (PCP’s) who have identified themselves as speaking Spanish (CenCal Health’s threshold language) in the Provider Directory are obligated to provide interpretation for the members who are capitated and on their case management list. 

American Disabilities Act

American Disabilities Act requires that CenCal Health also provide American Sign Language Interpretation (ASL) for its deaf and hearing impaired members for medical appointments at Primary Care Providers offices and Specialty Providers.

Note: ASL and Spoken Language Interpretation Services when provided at a hospital facility are the responsibility of the hospital where the service was provided. 

Instructions for requesting Language Services

Click to get instructions for requesting Language Services.

Need to cancel a scheduled Interpreter?

If a provider needs to cancel a scheduled interpreter appointment, please call the toll free Member Services line at 1 (877) 814-1861 and inform the Member Service Representatives of the reschedule or cancellation.

Please do not call the interpreter directly to inform them of the cancellation. CenCal Health will communicate all cancellations and changes to the interpreter.

This manual is revised periodically. If you have any questions about this publication, please email our Provider Services Department, or call: (805) 562-1676.