Provider Training & Resources

provider trainingWe work together with our partners to help providers understand CenCal Health policies and procedures. These trainings are focused on supporting provider staff on a variety of subjects designed to enhance the quality of care and services our members receive.

Topics include updated guidelines, policies, new programs and instruction on using our web tools which is designed to save you time and allow you to focus on running your practice and taking care of patients.

Please email or contact the Provider Services Department at (805) 562-1676 for questions, or additional training opportunities on topics that you would like presented.

Upcoming Training Events

CenCal Health conducts a variety of educational Provider Training courses on a variety of subjects for all provider types.  In person seminars are held throughout both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, and webinars are available online. These educational events focus on supporting provider staff on a variety of subjects designed to enhance the quality of care and services our members receive.

Upcoming Learning & Development Events:

ACEs Aware Training

A consensus of scientific research demonstrates that cumulative adversity, especially when experienced during childhood development, is a root cause to some of the most harmful, persistent, and expensive health challenges facing our nation. California is leading the way by training and providing payment to Medi-Cal providers for ACE screenings to significantly improve health and well-being across the state’s communities.
If you are interested in adding this service to your practice, please attend the ACEs Aware training and attest to completing the training for trauma and trauma-informed care


Member Eligibility Webinar

CenCal Health will be hosting quarterly member eligibility webinars throughout the year.  During this webinar you will learn how to manage a CenCal Health Member’s monthly eligibility and learn the many different resources you can utilize when checking eligibility though our CenCal Health Provider Portal.  This training is great for new staff joining your practice and front office receptionists that need to learn about our many different eligibility types.  Join us on August 17th, and November 16th from 11a.m. - 12p.m.

Provider Portal Authorization Enhancement Training

We are excited to announce the launch of our new electronic Authorization Forms within the Provider Portal in August!  The new forms will require member validation for security, the consolidation of four online forms (RAF, TAR, 18-1, and 20-1) into one user friendly platform, and the ability to view one main dashboard within the home screen so staff can see the status of authorizations submitted to a Specialist and CenCal Health. 

During this training we will provide an overview of our Referral Authorization Forms (RAF), Treatment Authorization Requests (TAR) and other types of authorizations that may be required.  We will also show you our new HCPCS/CPT Procedure Code - Prior Authorization Requirement Search Tool to see if a TAR is required before the procedure is rendered. Join us on August 19th from 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Questions or suggestions on future topics?

Please contact the Provider Services Education Specialist at  We always appreciate provider questions and try to deliver current information and materials.