Provider Training & Resources

provider trainingWe work together with our partners to help providers understand CenCal Health policies and procedures. These trainings are focused on supporting provider staff on a variety of subjects designed to enhance the quality of care and services our members receive.

Topics include updated guidelines, policies, new programs and instruction on using our web tools which is designed to save you time and allow you to focus on running your practice and taking care of patients.

Please email or contact the Provider Services Department at (805) 562-1676 for questions, or additional training opportunities on topics that you would like presented.

Webinars & Seminars

CenCal Health conducts a variety of educational Provider Training courses on a variety of subjects for all provider types.  In person seminars are held throughout both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, and webinars are available online. These educational events focus on supporting provider staff on a variety of subjects designed to enhance the quality of care and services our members receive.

Upcoming Training Sessions:

Portal Enhancement Training Events

CenCal Health recognized a need to accommodate growth and adapt to business changes. In September/October the Provider Portal will feature a new and improved Coordination of Care, Member & Batch Eligibility, Diabetes SMART site, Share of Cost, and a security uplift for our Administrative Users.  We hope that these new features simplify your day-to-day processes when seeing a CenCal Health member.  RSVP for the training events that work best for your provider type and office staff! 

Primary Care Physician (PCP) Member Coordination Portal Webinar - RSVP Here

Training Description: During this webinar our speakers will provide our contracted Primary Care Physicians (PCP) and PCP Office Staff a tutorial on how to manage our new screen enhancements which include Member Eligibility, Batch Eligibility, Coordination of Care, Diabetes SMART entry page, and our User Management, Multi-User access tools!

Provider Portal General Eligibility & User Management Webinar - RSVP Here

Training Description: During this webinar our speaker will provide you and/or your Office Staff a tutorial on how to manage our CenCal Health member eligibility through the new portal screen enhancements!  This training course is intended for all office staff that check CenCal Health member eligibility via our online provider portal and manage user accounts for your staff!

New Clinical Guidelines

CenCal Health Clinical Performance & P4P Readiness Webinar (Coming Soon) - Save your seat and RSVP Here!

A recent DHCS 2018 audit concluded “Millions of Children in Medi-Cal Are Not Receiving Preventive Health Services”.  As a result, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an urgent mandate to increase the availability of preventative services and to improve utilization statewide. CenCal Health, therefore, has prepared a webinar to inform providers of the latest statewide priorities, and to assure its providers have the information needed to sustain their historically high standing in service to Medi-Cal members in our community.

Training Description:  Learn more about the newest aspects of care that are statewide priorities, which clinical guidelines are relevant to the latest priorities, and how to assure claims reporting will fully reflect the quality of care provided. Patty Auchard, M.D., CenCal Health’s Medical Director, will review the clinical recommendations that are vital to assure quality of care, and that will maximize providers’ pay-for-performance readiness.  This webinar is targeted toward Primary Care, Obstetrics/Gynecology, FQHC practitioners, and other leadership that champion clinical quality within their provider sites.

Can't attend a training?  Don't worry, we will have all of our training courses recorded and posted on the 'Training Video Library' tab for future reference.  You can also contact one of our Provider Services Representatives and schedule in In-Service training for your office.

Training Video Library

Our online content library includes a variety of microlearning videos on a wide variety of business topics and materials.  Our goal is to keep your staff knowledgeable and up-to-date to increase their learning goals. Please locate your topic of interest below, and click on the video of your preference. 


These training videos cover asthma lung function changes, factors impacting asthma control, medications to prevent & treat asthma attacks, and ways to monitor lung function. CenCal Health also provides tips on how to improve your clinic/providers performance in the Breathe SMART Program, and MUCH MORE!

How to fill out an Asthma Action Plan

Causes & Treatment of Asthma - Training Video Coming Soon!

Claims & Billing

This webinar we will show you how to submit timely and accurate claims.  It also provides additional information on ways to avoid common claim denials, and learn the best way to bill CenCal Health.  Billing staff that bill on a CMS-1500 claim form will benefit from these training videos.  Please reference additional claims training tools and videos here.

Provider Basic Training & New Provider Orientation

This webinar is designed to enhance your staffs knowledge of processes when seeing our CenCal Health members!  The information provided, is perfect for all new providers and/or new office staff that would benefit from an overview of CenCal Health’s history, learning more about eligibility, who manages authorizations, and much more!

New Provider Orientation & Basic Training Overview (Video)

CenCal Health Authorization Overview (Video)

CenCal Health Member Eligibility Overview (Video)

Physician Toolkits & CE Training Resources

These training resources are focused on supporting provider staff on a variety of subjects designed to enhance the quality of care and services our members receive.

Alcohol Misuse Resources


Behavioral Health Resources

Cultural Competency and Patient Communication

Diabetes Resource

Fluoride Varnish

HPV Vaccination


LGBTQ Patient Care

Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Resources

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment Training

Social Determinants

Staying Healthy Assessment (SHA) Resource

Teach Back

Tobacco Cessation and Counseling

Questions or suggestions on future topics?

Please contact the Provider Services Education Specialist at  We always appreciate provider questions and try to deliver current information and materials.