Behavioral Health Services

CenCal HEALTH members have access to services addressing mental health and substance use.  Coverage and provision of these services are shared between CenCal, County Behavioral Health Services and State FFS. 

CenCal HEALTH is also responsible for providing services to children up to age 20 who is diagnosed with a neuro-developmental disability.  Services include behavior intervention services such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and psychiatric medication services. 

CenCal HEALTH has partnered with the Holman Group to help manage mental health benefits for CenCal Health Medi-Cal Members with mild to moderate mental health conditions in need of outpatient mental health services.

Calls related to outpatient mental health services can be connected to the Holman Group at (800) 321-2843.

Outpatient Services

The outpatient services for members impacted by mild to moderate mental health conditions will also cover alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral for treatment when provided by Primary Care Providers (PCPs). These new benefits include individual and group evaluation and treatment (psychotherapy), testing, monitoring of drug therapy, outpatient lab services and psychiatric consultation.