Cultural & Linguistic Resources

languageCenCal Health believes in the importance of providing services in the language of choice for our membership. We recognize the importance of clear communication with your patients and committed to assisting you through telephonic, face-to-face interpreter services and more.

How to Access Telephonic Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services are just a phone call away

From the moment you place a request with a Certified language Interpreter (CLI) operator, you are immediately connected to a professional interpreter.

Interpreters handle calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to eligible members free of charge. 

Follow these easy steps to connect to a telephonic interpreter in more than 200 languages.


Multiple Party Calls

If you need to contact a client, customer, or patient at home, we can connect you to an interpreter and then dial the number, or even multiple numbers for you.

How to Access Face-to-Face Interpreter Services

Face-to-Face interpreter services are available for pre-scheduled medical appointments for American Sign Language (ASL).  Face-to-Face Interpreter services are recommended when complication of extensive explanation of treatment or symptoms is required. This service is available 8am-5pm Monday thru Friday for eligible members free of charge. 

Want to learn more about when these services are available to you? Download the following for instructions:
  • Access a Step-by-Step Guide to Face-to-Face interpreter services
  • 12 Tips when working with an Interpreter

The diagram below shows the easy step-by-step way to access a Face-to-Face interpreter


Provider Tools and Resources

Download one or more of the following for more assistance: 

Need to Cancel a scheduled Interpreter?  

If a provider needs to cancel a scheduled interpreter appointment, please call the toll free Member Services line at (877) 814-1861 and inform the Member Service Representatives of the reschedule or cancellation. 

Please do not call the interpreter directly to inform them of the cancellation. CenCal Health will communicate all cancellations and changes to the interpreter.

Are you or your staff fluent in a language other than English and would like this represented in CenCal Health’s Provider Directory? Contact the Provider Services at (805) 562-1676 or email Provider Services.